White Chocolate Strawberry Whole Coffee Beans

If you’ve visited your local It’s a Grind Coffee House, then you may have seen the fuss that we’re making about the White Chocolate Strawberry Whole Coffee Beans that we’re offering this Spring. There’s a good reason why we keep talking about this coffee, well it’s because it’s pretty good! Not just good, but wicked good!


Unlike other flavored coffee roasters out there that use cheaper grade coffee beans, we use 100% Specialty Grade Arabica beans. This coffee comes from South America and we chose it because we knew that it would provide a smooth, low-acidity cup and a clean finish. When we infuse flavoring, the coffee comes alive with a bit of creamer and sugar. This means the flavors pop and become more vivid.


Ultimately the coffee’s flavor will definitely remind of you of chocolate covered strawberries. I’m sure you’re thinking…”but fruit and coffee don’t go together.” Well that’s where you might be surprised with. You see we offer other fruit inspired coffees through out the year. White Chocolate Strawberry coffee is just one of many flavored coffees we offer.


We know you’ll love it, so don’t hesitate and get yourself a bag of it, brew it at home when you’re entertaining some friends. Serve it with cheesecake or a chocolate cake, it will taste so good!

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