NEW! Tie-Dyed Electric Blue Lemonade Iced Blended

Tie-Dyed never tasted so good!  This refreshing summer treat is an icy blend of Blue Curacao Syrup and Lemonade. Absolutely ready to create a Summer Palooza.

And to help round off the summer with some SWEET SUMMER BLISS is some of our classics.

White Mocha Iced Blended Our signature IAG Espresso Blend, 2% Milk, creamy White Chocolate Power and Vanilla Powder, topped with Whipped Cream.

White Mocha Over Iced – Handcrafted with IAG Espresso Blend, 2% Milk and White Chocolate Powder served over ice.

White Chocolate Mocha – Made with steamy Whole Milk, IAG Espresso Blend and White Chocolate Powder.  Topped with whipped cream.

It’s gonna be a TOTALLY RAD summer at It’s a Grind!!

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