Happy Milk Day!

Yes you read it right, today is Milk Day! Can you imagine life without milk? Just think how nasty Craig’s cereal would be if he listened to his mom and dad and used water…


As you know, many of the drinks we make at It’s a Grind Coffee House utilizes milk and it does such a great job in making those beverages taste so nice. If we used anything else, well it wouldn’t be as good, right?

With that in mind let’s look how milk does a body good.

Everyone knows that if you eat something spicy, milk is your go to drink to help cool you down. If you didn’t know,
protein in milk called Casein, helps break down the bonds capsaicin (the heat that you fee) forms your nerve receptors.


Without milk, we wouldn’t have all sorts of dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cream, sour cream, cheese…and more cheese.


We are super grateful for milk and how well it goes with our coffee. Personally I’m a bit lactose intolerant, but that doesn’t stop me from having a glass of milk with my Oreos. Oh ya,we forgot about milk and cookies. You can have cookies by themselves, but why would you? Milk makes it way better! I only buy Oreos with milk. That’s the only way I can enjoy those cookies.


Ok so rather than talk about all the ways I like to consume milk, here’s a scientific chart that shows all the benefits of milk.

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