Happy Gnar Year!

It’s a Happy Gnar Year at It’s a Grind Coffee House.  Making exciting and excessively tasty returns are:  The Cookie Gnar-Gnar and the Nutty Cookie Gnar-Gnar.   Gnar, of course, is a variation of the word Gnarly: when you’ve gone beyond the radical and beyond the extreme.   And the Guilt-Free versions of these drinks: Guilt-Free Nutty Gnar-Gnar Over Ice and Guilt-Free Nutty Gnar-Gnar Latte are radically and extremely delicious.

The New Year Celebration continues with our newest whole bean coffee:  Comasagua El Tranquilo.

This single country-of-origin coffee bean hails from a small co-op located in the southwest part of El Salvador.  This ocean-influenced, altitude and microclimate region is known for its coffee quality.  This new whole bean coffee is the base for our Comasagua El Tranquilo Cold Brew.  

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