Happy 25th – It’s a Grind!

In the 90s, we discovered that “life was like a box of chocolates”; Bill Clinton was President; the TV sitcom, Friends, debuted; and the Cold War ended.  What a decade!

We’re giving a nod to the 90s as we commemorate our 25th Anniversary.    At 25, It’s A Grind is still the new kid on the block.  And we love the block – everything local that is!  We’ve been rockin’ the local pour since ’94 and we’ve got the coffee chops to prove it. 

We’ve got a few programs planned to help us commemorate this AMAZEBALLS milestone.  One of which is our .94¢ throwback anniversary pricing.  Stay tuned for details and days we are throw’n it back.

And our Summer drink line-up features a new drink that’s a nod to the 90s as well, our new TIE-DYED ELECTRIC BLUE LEMONADE. We’re also highlighting some very popular favs that have been part of It’s A Grind’s history for a while, including our White Chocolate Mocha Iced Blended, our Iced Mocha and White Mocha (hot). Congratulations to our Partners, team members and guests for helping us rock the local pour for 25 years! );

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