Give out coffee instead of candy

Now why in the world would you give out candy on Halloween? Do you want to contribute to the huge epidemic of Childhood Obesity and Diabeetus? No, I didn’t think so! Well what’s a fella gonna do when them trick or treaters come knocking on your door? Give them coffee! Yes I said coffee…before you SMoms (that’s a helicopter mom or a mom that smothers their kid) get your granny panties in bunch, hear me out.


Here’s where it all makes sense. See the photo above? See all those kids? Well that woman who is passing out the coffee…those aren’t her kids. Those are her neighbor’s kids. That means if these kids drink the coffee, who’s problem will this be? Not hers, but the parents of those kids will have to deal with some super hyper children. Think of it as getting back at your neighbors for letting their dog poop on your lawn without cleaning it up. By the way, you’re welcome.



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