Coffee and a smoke

One of my favorite things to do is enjoy a cup of coffee while smoking a quality cigar. Finding the right pairing will enhance your experience. Today I’ll be discussing my two favorite cigar coffee combos. Keep in mind I tend to like things on the rich and dark side, not everyone likes it like that. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you a lighter pairing that you could go with if you’re too much of a sissy to do the heavy stuff.

Let’s start off with the Rocky Patel Java Mint. This is a great cigar that is infused with coffee and mint flavors. It has a rich, sweet, yet dark flavor profile and burns with a beautiful fragrance. The Java Mint cigars are made with the beautiful blend of high end long-filler tobaccos and dark-brown Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. The folks at Rocky PatelĀ  introduced a combination of mint, mocha, as well as vanilla flavors during the hand-made process. The combination of flavors are exceptional with a attractive minty finish that stroll on the tongue while you take the next draw.


I usually pair this cigar with my all time favorite from It’s a Grind Coffee House, High Octane. This coffee is full bodied, low acidity, dark roast with a bitter sweet finish that provides a rich smoky flavor. During the roasting process, smoke in the roaster permeates through the beans and gives it that strong flavor profile. This stuff will grow hair on your chest! The recipe for High Octane calls for a variety of beans sourced from Latin America.

its a grind high octane

When you combine the Java Mint and the High Octane, your taste buds will thank you. It truly is a great combination because you have the sweetness of the cigar chased by the dark flavors of the coffee. It makes for a fantastic mid-day treat or late afternoon tradition.

So the next pairing we’ll talk go on the lighter side. Macanudo Cigars has a Connecticut wrapper with a combination of Dominican and Mexican long filler and has a mellow flavor profile. This is a great cigar that literally burns a long time. I can nurse this smoke for at least an hour before getting to the band.


I like to pair this with a lighter coffee from the It’s a Grind Coffee House collection, Colombia. This coffee is a light roast, with a medium body and a clean finish. We only use “Supremo” grade beans to make this variety. If you didn’t know, Supremos are produced at a high altitude in the Andes mountain range. Our Colombia’s fruit tones are balanced by a caramel-like sweetness, which pairs nicely with a Macanudo cigar. What I like to do is take a sip of the coffee then chase it with a nice long draw from the Macando. I take things slow with this pairing, taking a draw no less than 30 seconds apart. This is a good relaxing combination where you just sit underneath the shade, sipping coffee and smoking a cigar.








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