Beat the heat with Cold Brew

What the heck is cold brew? Way before other coffee brands started marketing cold brew, we were already making this stuff well before your kids were even conceived. The process for cold brew uses a device called a Toddy and it takes about 18 hours of steeping coffee grounds. One of the main benefits of using a cold brew is that it tastes really good and there’s less acidity in the coffee. So that means it’s gentle on sensitive stomachs. Plus we only use Specialty Grade coffee for all of our cold brew, which t

ranslates to some NOOICE coffee!

It’s a Grind Coffee House took this process one step further, we started making cold brew with our famous flavored coffee beans. We’ve been doing this for a while and our customers love it. Each season we come out with different cold brew. For this summer we have Apricot Cream Cold Brew.

We turned it up a notch by making the same whole beans that we use for the Apricot Cream Cold Brew available. Apricot Cream Whole Beans has subtle hints of sweet apricot and cream. It goes well with a little bit of half and half with a touch of simple syrup or your favorite sweetener.