All new drinks for Spring 2017

It's a grind coffee house


NEW! HONEY ALMOND LATTE This recipe is handcrafted with silky steamy Whole Milk, IAG Espresso, DaVinci Honey Syrup, and topped with Whipped Cream and Honey.

NEW! HONEY ALMOND ICED BLENDED– This recipe is an icy blend of IAG Vanilla Nut Cold Brew, 2% Milk, DaVinci Almond Syrup, DaVinci Honey Syrup, IAG Vanilla Powder, and topped with Whipped Cream, and Honey Nut CheeriosĀ®.

NEW! HONEY ALMOND ICED LATTE– This recipe is an icy blend of IAG Espresso, DaVinci Almond Syrup, and DaVinci Honey Syrup.

NEW! VANILLA NUT COLD BREW– This recipe is TODDY made with our signature Vanilla Nut Whole Beans, and 2% Milk.



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