On September 19th, 2017 we are celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day! To help you get into the mood, here are some piratey terms that you can use through out the day.

Ahoy! – An energetic greeting to yer fellow mate… like hello.
Aloft – A reference to climbin’ to or being among the sails above or upper rigging overhead on yer ship.
Articles – An agreement of behavior between th’ Captain an’ his crew.
Avast Ye! – A stern request to halt yer activity and listen up.
Aye! – Yes or I agree…
Aye Aye! – Yes, Captain… I’ll take care of it…ye can count on me.
Arrr! (an’ variations) – Arrr or similar (interjection to show excitement or pause) – Yarrr (agreement on yer mates comments) – Harrr (expresses amusement or laughter)
Bilge Rat! – A scoundrel… an’ a general insult lashed upon a shipmate.
Black Spot – A mark givin’ to a pirate of an impending doom… the mark of cursed soul!
Booty – A pirates treasure… make sure ye get yer share while playin’ a game o’ Crossbones matey!
Broadside – A discharge of all cannons… attackin’ the main (broad) part of an enemy ship.
Cap’n – A reference to a superior officer… Captain o’ the ship.
Davy Jones’ Locker – A final restin’ place at the bottom o’ the sea for drowned pirates.
Dead men tell no tales! – A pirate sayin’ to ensure no prisoners are taken durin’ battle…an’ no one left to reveal any secrets or details o’ the event.
Doldrums – A long period o’ time when the wind has died… leavin’ a ship adrift an’ unable to sail.
Feed the fishes – The dearly or not so dearly departed… thrown overboard.
Fire in the hole! – An exclamation warning yer shipmates before a cannon is fired.
Go on Account – An expression to indicate tha’ ye have turned pirate.
Grog – A pirates typical rum drink… containing a mixture of water, rum, & lime juice… yum!
Hornswaggle – To cheat yer mates!
Jack Tar – A familar reference to a common sailor.
Jolly Roger – The infamous black flag with white skull and crossbones… an invitation to surrender.
Keelhauling – Draggin’ a shipmate under the keel of a ship as punishment or torture… one way to clean the barnacles off yer ship matey!
Keep a weather eye open matey! – A pirate reminder to remain vigilant and alert… to keep watch.
Lad – A piratical way to address a younger male.
Land Ho! – An exclamation by a shipmate who first spots land while at sea.
Landlubber – Anyone tis awkward or unfamiliar with life aboard a ship… a clumsy sailor…a land lover.
Lass – A piratical way to address a younger female… or ye might try lassie.
Maroon – To abandon a shipmate ashore with little hope of rescue or escape… a cruel punishment.
Matey or Me hearty – A piratical reference towards a shipmate or a friend.
Me – A piratical way of sayin’ “my”.
Mutiny – An act by shipmates to rally against the authority (usually the Captain) of a ship.
No Prey No Pay – An agreement that a crew receives no wages, but instead… shares any booty pillaged.
No Quarter Given – Any surrender will not be accepted. No prisoners will be taken.
Plunder – To pillage another…to seize booty without consent…sounds like a friendly game o’ Crossbones!
Rum – An intoxicating beverage… like Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.
Sail ho! – An exclamation alerting yer shipmates that another ship of unknown intentions is near.
Savvy…? – A piratical term meaning… Do ye get what I’m saying matey… or are you familiar with?
Scurvy dog! – A scoundrel… an’ a general insult upon a shipmate.
Shiver me timbers! – An expression of shock, surprise or annoyance… or when tis cold outside.
Show your colours – A request from a nearby ship to show yer flag an’ yer intentions… yer true colours.
Strike your colors – A demand directed at an enemy ship to lower it’s flag during battle and surrender.
Swagger – A piratical attitude in the way ye walk an’ talk… tis tha’ look in yer squinted eye matey!
Swashbuckler – An adventurous and brave soul… or generally, one who likes to plunder with the point of a sword.
Under bare poles – A ship without her sails set.
Walk the plank – A walk beyond the end of a ships plank to drown at sea an’ visit Davey Jones’ locker!
Wench – A piratical way to address a familiar lady… careful with this one mates!
Wet me pipe – To quench yer thirst with some o’ tha’ tasty grog o’course!
X Marks the spot – An “X” markin’ the spot on a treasure map where ye buried yer treasure matey…
Yo-ho-ho – Why… pirate laughter o’course… an’ a general merry expression.

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