Hand-Crafted Espresso

Nowadays, coffee shops are on every corner and anyone behind the counter will call themselves a “Barista.” At It’s A Grind, we take pride in that title and with that, we do our very best to produce the best possible beverages for each guest. Any Barista will tell you that it all starts with perfectly extracted espresso and the only way to produce perfectly extracted espresso, is to ensure that it is hand crafted by a barista.

Our micro-roasted espresso is made with our Espresso Blend coffee beans from Central and South America. Once these beans arrive in our stores, the Barista will grind them to a specific setting and use a particular tamping technique to ensure the best possible extraction. As the espresso shot pours out, our Barista will check the Crema, the Pour, the Time and the Puck.

  1. Crema is the luscious golden foam that sits on top of the espresso.
  2. The Pour needs to come down like honey dripping off the back of a spoon.
  3. The Time should be between 23-27 seconds with a perfect shot extracting in 25 seconds.
  4. The Puck should knock out of the portafilter firm and dry and look like a hockey puck.

Our Baristas know how important it is that each Espresso needs each of the above features before pouring them into any Rocket Latte or an Americano. We invite our guests to ask our Baristas about the Hand-Crafted Espresso and the many wonderful characteristics it has.

It’s A Grind Micro-Roasted Coffees

Our coffee is Micro-Roasted, meaning the beans are custom roasted in small batches to bring out the best characteristics of the beans: rich, flavorful and aromatic.

At a temperature of around 392 degrees Fahrenheit, coffee is dropped into a roasting drum that circulates air over a period of 15-20 minutes. During this time, the beans expand in size, their cell walls break, oils and sugars come to the surface and a chemical reaction is triggered, causing the beans to release carbon dioxide. After the coffee beans are roasted sufficiently, they’re cooled rapidly to prevent any residual heat from any further roasting. Fast packaging is crucial at this stage to diminish the loss of delicate flavors and aromas found in fresh coffee.

Each batch is carefully watched over by professional roasters to ensure the coffee reaches its fullest potential.

Special House Blend (Central & South America) →
A light and lively blend of Latin American beans you can drink all day.

High Octane (Central America & Indonesia) →
Roasted to bring out a magnitude of body and flavor unparalleled by other coffees. A bold coffee with bite designed to stimulate your attitude.

Vanilla Nut (Central & South America) →
Subtly aromatic, spicy yet silky smooth. A hint of vanilla awaits your taste buds.

Winter Blend (Central & South America) →
Our own tantalizing blend of hazelnuts and Irish cream, laced with vanilla and cinnamon.