New for Summer!

A few  great reasons to to visit It’s a Grind Coffee House. Our summer 2017 drinks are HERE!!!

Ginger Green Tea Match is now available Iced Blended, Iced Latte & Latte!

green tea

In addition, we now have Apricot Cream Cold Brew! You will be delighted to know that you can cool down this summer with a delicious and fruity beverage without the added sugar. Further more, we have our new Lemon Peach Velvet Iced Blended – This drink is an icy blend of Peach Smoothie with a finishing twist of Lemon Velvet. Both are perfect for those hot summer days.



We turned it up a notch by making the same whole beans that we use for the Apricot Cream Cold Brew available. Apricot Cream Whole Beans  has subtle hints of sweet apricot and cream. It goes well with a little bit of half and half with a touch of simple syrup or your favorite sweetener.