Apricot Cream Review

If you’ve visited your local It’s a Grind Coffee House, then you might see that they’re stocking our newest summer coffee, Apricot Cream. You’re probably wondering, “that’s a weird flavor to make for coffee.” Ya well we all thought that too when we first came out with it. But trust me, it’s delicious!

Each 12oz bag of this flavored coffee is packed with 100% Arabica beans and the aroma will truly put a smile on your face. Pick up a bag, do you see the little hole, that’s a one way valve to prevent staling. Place your nose over that hole and give the bag a gentle squeeze while you take a wiff. What do you smell? Apricots, right?

Now let’s brew some. My favorite way to brew coffee is through a French Press. I find that it’s richer, more flavorful than auto drip. I set my grinder on coarse, use 2tbsp of coffee for every 6oz of hot water. I let it steep in the press for a few minutes then press the plunger down and pour.
Apricot Cream Whole Beans Web Banner

As with any coffee I brew, I like to take a sip of it black. That way I can take in all the aromas, flavors and nuances of the coffee. Since we’re using Specialty Grade beans, this coffee is well rounded, low acidity and light to medium taste with a hint of apricot. We call it Apricot Cream because once you dress it with creamer and some sugar, the flavor pops! Yes the flavor comes alive and you’ll be treated to a very smooth chocolate covered apricot flavor. Think of it as if you’re eating one of those chocolate covered apricots that you get from fancy gift baskets. But this time you’re drinking it.

The It’s a Grind Coffee House Apricot Cream whole beans is something I suggest you try. It’s smooth, balanced, full of aroma and great flavoring. This coffee is perfect for breakfast or dessert. Keep in mind, once you start brewing it, people around you will be curious of the amazing aroma and you might have to share some with them.