All new drinks for Spring 2017

It's a grind coffee house


NEW! HONEY ALMOND LATTE- This recipe is handcrafted with silky steamy Whole Milk, IAG Espresso, DaVinci Honey Syrup, and topped with Whipped Cream and Honey.

NEW! HONEY ALMOND ICED BLENDED- This recipe is an icy blend of IAG Vanilla Nut Cold Brew, 2% Milk, DaVinci Almond Syrup, DaVinci Honey Syrup, IAG Vanilla Powder, and topped with Whipped Cream, and Honey Nut Cheerios®.

NEW! HONEY ALMOND ICED LATTE- This recipe is an icy blend of IAG Espresso, DaVinci Almond Syrup, and DaVinci Honey Syrup.

NEW! VANILLA NUT COLD BREW- This recipe is TODDY made with our signature Vanilla Nut Whole Beans, and 2% Milk.